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d_parture spa Launches New Location At Newark Liberty International Airport

Innovator of Airport Day Spa Concept Introduces Next-Generation Sales/Retail Kiosk

Newark, New Jersey— d_parture spa, innovator of the full-service, airport day spa concept and a purveyor of modern luxury is launching a new location at Newark Liberty International Airport, Terminal C, Gate 105. The new store is designed to be the next generation, airport sales/retail kiosk and will allow d_parture spa to continue making its services more accessible to weary airport travelers. When the second store opens, it will place d_parture spa physically closer to potential clients at Gate 105. It will serve as part of d_parture spa’s ongoing mission to give travelers opportunities to focus on their wellness and self-care during their waits and delays at Newark Liberty International Airport.


“The greatest luxury in the digital age is finding time for self-care, time to unplug and rejuvenate. d_parture spa is committed to meeting airport travelers where they are and giving them opportunities to turn long, airport waits into meaningful, healing experiences,” said Gina Stern, founder and CEO of d_parture spa. “Traveling is stressful, and no one would choose to sit around in airports and wait for hours. At d_parture spa, we want to help passengers choose to indulge in the luxury of time to focus on their health and self-care.”


To further its mission of bringing accessible health and wellness options to weary airport travelers, d_parture spa is launching a second location at Newark Liberty International Airport. The new site is a next-generation, airport sales/retail kiosk located in Terminal C at Gate 105.


“The new kiosk is an innovation in design for airport kiosks and serves two purposes,” said Stern. “First, it allows d_parture spa to move closer to our clients and to make our services more accessible to passengers in terminal C. Second, the kiosk we've created will allow other vendors to license the d_parture spa concept and bring it to their local airports.”




About d_parture spa:  d_parture spa opened its doors in 2000 in Terminal C of Newark Liberty International Airport and is the innovator of the full-service, airport day spa concept. The company's founder and CEO, Gina Stern, merges modern luxury, unique design, and personalized customer service to provide airport travelers with a full range of day spa services that include massage, nails, haircuts, facials, and innovative wellness products. d_parture spa has been featured in Vogue, USA Today, the New York Times, Money Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, InStyle Magazine, Glamour and has been seen on Inside Edition and CNN.