Gina Stern is the CEO of d_parture spa and the innovator of the full-service, airport day spa concept. CNN Travel recognized Stern's work and the boutique services she offers by naming d_parture spa one of the “World’s Best Airport Spas”, stating that it provides, “... signature treatments designed to quickly lull travelers into a state of serenity.” Inc. Magazine named d_parture spa its “Best Airport Spa” and called it, “A travelers one-stop-shop for all things relaxing.”


Stern started d_parture spa after being delayed in an airport for hours, where she noticed a woman break a nail and have no place to get it fixed. In that moment, Stern remembered lessons she learned growing up in the Bronx, NY and chose to see the possibilities. She has been known to say that life isn't always fair; sometimes we are dealt a bad hand, but that shouldn't limit our options. Stern fundamentally believes we should be able to have the experiences we want. Instead of lamenting the woman’s unfortunate situation with her nail, she saw the possibilities and dreamed up d_parture spa, a full-service, airport day spa that gives weary airport travelers an opportunity to create the experience they want, instead of the one they were dealt.


Her philosophy continues to guide d_parture spa’s work and has made her one of the only airport day spas still operating after almost 20 years. She was the first to recognize that the healing benefits and stress-reducing properties of massage could greatly improve the experience of passengers in airport settings during long waits and unforeseen delays.


Stern has been stable presence in the industry and reliably dedicated to providing airport travelers with healthy services that focus on self-care and promote their overall wellbeing. Her unique perspective has established Stern as an innovator in her field, and d_parture spa has led the way in providing airport, day spa and wellness services that primarily include: massages, facials, haircuts, manicures, and pedicures.


Stern believes that long waits and delays at airports are opportunities for travelers to revitalize and tap into the healing power of d_parture spa's world class services presented with ease.


After being the first to offer those services in any airport, Stern is now shifting part of her attention to making massage and day spa services even more accessible to travelers by bridging the distinction between luxury and wellness. Stern doesn’t think people should have to abandon all of their self-care and wellness practices when they travel. She wants travelers to view the massages and other services offered by d_parture spa as an extension of their everyday, at-home self-care routines, not just a luxury or an occasional indulgence.


Gina Stern is also a mother, an inspirational speaker, and the author of the children's book, “The Great Money Tree”. Stern is Certified ACDBE, MWBE, DBE-Spa and Design Consulting/Interiors.